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The Louisiana Baptist Singing Men / Ministers is a men’s chorus composed of music leaders and musicians from Southern Baptist Churches throughout the state of Louisiana (www.louisianabaptists.org). We present concerts at local churches, detention centers, youth intervention programs and prisons. Our concert season is August through May.

We begin each season with an annual retreat in August. Typically held on a Monday and Tuesday at Tall Timbers Baptist Conference Center (www.talltimbersbcc.org) south of Alexandria, this retreat is an exciting time of rehearsal as we learn the new songs for the year, and a great time of fellowship as we greet old friends and make new ones.

Concerts are typically scheduled for the third Thursday evening of each month (September through November, and January through May). We gather that afternoon for rehearsal and fellowship. Ministry concerts are also scheduled during the afternoon. After an evening meal, our church concert and worship time concludes our day.

In 2014 we celebrated 40 years of singing for the Lord.  The Louisiana Baptist Singing Ministers began with a retreat in the Spring of 1974.  We are honored to have Carroll Lowe and Ray Ford, two of the original members, still singing with the group.

Officers for 2018-2019

Music Director: Dr. Herb Armentrout,

President – Glenn Price

Vice-President – Todd DuBose

Secretary – John Carroll

Librarian – Ray Ford

Chaplain – Jerry Istre, Jr.


Members of Singing Men / Ministers are local church music leaders – full-time, bi-vocational or volunteer – and other church musicians in Southern Baptist churches in Louisiana. Those men who presently or formerly serve Ministers of Music, Worship Leaders, Music or Choir Directors (or similar titles) are eligible for membership in the group. Men who are not the designated music leader in their church must be active in their church’s music ministry and must audition for the group.

To audition for the group, men who are not the designated music leader in their church need to make an audition recording singing with accompaniment (piano, track, guitar, etc.) in whatever format is most convenient (tape, CD, mp3). They should mail or email the audition recording and application, including the recommendation of their church music leader or pastor, to the address or email address shown on the application form.

You will enjoy the fellowship of musicians throughout the state, the knowledge that comes from a group whose members have a wide range of expertise, and the opportunity to minister beyond your own church. It does take time, but it’s worth it.      

       Membership Forms --- Registration - Application - Evaluation - Concert Schedule

Concert Apparel

For afternoon concerts: black pants, and Singing Men’s polo shirt.

For evening concerts: black coat, black pants, black dress shoes, white shirt, and Singing Men’s tie.

Always bring your Singing Men's folder and music!  Rehearsals begin at 1:00 p.m. on concert days.

Constitution and By-Laws

Updated document coming in August.



Choral Repertoire - 2018-2019

How Great Is Your Love
Precious Love of Christ
Joshua Fit the Battle
Eye of the Storm
Swing Down Chariot
Order My Steps
My Name is Lazarus
I Will Rise
He Who Began a Good Word
Go in the Grace of the Lord




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